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The Kart Cloud offers a wide range of information and useful features from around the world of karting.

Useful for whom?

For everybody, from beginners to professional kart racers.

Which advantages do I have as a registered user?

Free access to all information and special features.

What does it cost?

All information and services are for free.

Which information and features does the Kart Cloud offer?

Driver`s Profile

You can personalize your account with pictures, the equipment you use, your favourite tracks and share experiences with your karting friends.

Start a Challenge

Enter where and when your next track session will take place and invite your friends. Or find out when and where you can compete with other members of the kart cloud.


The karting logbook enables you to register your specific settings (tyres, chassis, engine) per kart track for every session. After completing your session you can save the data and analyse which settings lead to the best results.

My Kart Tracks

Rate the kart tracks (1-5 stars) and enter your comments about the different kart tracks. Tell the community which improvements you would like to see at the kart tracks.


Improve your knowledge about karting. For each chapter you have concluded successfully you will be honored with a special badge in your profile.


The forum provides the platform to exchange your experiences with other karting drivers or professionals.


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