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Any questions on our Academy? We answer the most frequent questions here. 

What is the Academy?

In general, the academy aims at conveying a deeper knowledge about karting. Each chapter can be concluded with a short test, and upon completion of such an exam you rise to the next level. The level you are in will be displayed in the “my profile” section. 

How does the exam work?

The exam can be taken only after having read the content of each chapter. You will have 20 minutes to answer the questions. The time remaining will displayed via a countdown – through it, you will easily be able to keep track of the time remaining. The correct answer may consist of one or more of the multiple choice options. To answer a question correctly, you have to select all right options. 

The time is up, but I’m not done yet – what now?

All questions you did not answer in time will be considered to be incorrect. Nevertheless, you might still have passed the exam with the points you managed to get.

I did not pass the exam and would like to try again – can I do that?

Absolutely. All you have to do is wait for 24 hours and you can try again.

Can I already read chapters of higher levels?

Sorry, but no. You’ll have to pass the exam of the level you are in, in order to proceed to the next one. After successfully completing the test, we’ll unlock the next level for you.

Do I get to see which questions I answered correctly, and which were wrong after I complete the exam?

Yes, the correct solution will be displayed right after you answer the question. 

What percentage of the questions do I need to get right in order to pass the exam?

That depends on the level you are currently in. The minimum requirement ranges from 70 % to 90 %, depending on the chapter and corresponding degree of difficulty. 
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