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Start a challenge

Feel like racing today? Start a challenge at one of our many track locations and invite your friends to race you.

What does “start a challenge” mean?

With this function you can invite your friends and even other, yet unacquainted racers to participate in a competition. Simply choose the track you want to race at and the people you want to race with and see who is the best!

What does “public” and “private” mean?

If your settings are on "public", it means that every member of the Kart Cloud can review your challenge and sign up to join it. "Private" challenges on the other hand can only be joined by the people you invited. 

Can I also invite friends who are not (yet) part of the Kart Cloud?

Yes, if you enter their email address. Then we’ll forward the invitation to the email address you provided us with. Your friends can then accept the challenge by clicking on the link in the email.

Will the owner of the track be notified that we’ll race at his / her track?

No, he / she will not be informed automatically.

I want to join a challenge. What do I have to do?

The track locator has a search option called „open challenge“. Once you select it, you’ll be able to see all kart tracks with public challenges. You are also able to see the public challenges on your favorite tracks in your profile (“my favorite tracks”)

I already started a challenge and invited my friends, but I have to cancel / change some details – What do I have to do?

You can delete / edit your challenges in the „My challenges“ tab in your profile. All people you invited will be notified automatically. 
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